How to Add or Remove Bots to your Discord Server

How to Add or Remove Bots to your Discord Server

Discord is a voice and text voice and text chat app, which is not only popular among gamers but is also used by groups and communities. With Discord, you can create a Discord server, invite your friends, give permissions to different users and assign them different roles. You can add bots to Discord server for extra features.

If you are planning to play games with your friends, then you should consider setting up a Discord server to talk to your friends more easily as well as exchange insults. As mentioned, if you want to improve your experience, you should add bots to Discord servers to taste a number of great new features.

In this post, we’ll show how to add bots to your Discord server, remove them later if you want and show you some great Discord bots with useful commands. Let’s see!

How to add a bot to Discord server

Below are some steps to add bots to Discord server. But before adding a bot, you should ensure that it is trusted to the community.

  • First, go to for browsing Discord bots. You can find a number of interesting and free bots from here.
  • Once you choose a bot you want, click on the Invite  It will then open the Discord login page in a new tab.


  • Now, log in your Discord account by typing in your Email and Password. Click on Login after you enter the credentials.
  • From the Authorization screen, choose a server from “Add a bot to a server” drop-down menu.
  • Next, assign required Permissions to the bot. You must be careful and understand why you are adding permissions to the bot. Once you are done, click on Authorize button to add the bot to your Discord server.


  • If everything is correctly done and the bot is authorized, there will be a tick mark appearing on the screen.

After you log into your Discord account, simply open the server, and there will be a message “Bot joined this server with you” or something similar.


How to Remove Bots from Discord Server

If you are not happy with a particular bot, you can easily get rid of it from the server. Follow below steps to remove bots from Discord server:

  • Sign in your Discord account and select the server.
  • Right click on the bot name in the text or voice section.
  • There will be an option of kicking. Click on it and the bot will be automatically removed from your server.


Useful Discord Bot commands to Prefer

After you have added a bot to your server, the question is how to make it work. Discord bots have specific commands that you can use to get your bot working. Here is how to interact with Discord servers.

  • Enter @bot-name. ‘bot-name’ is the name of your bot. you will then get a help option about its functions and things it can do.
  • Next, enter the help command provided. For example, it can be ‘cmhelp‘. The bot will send you a list of available commands as well as instructions to use them.
  • Use discord bot commands as your preference and have fun!

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