How to Convert DVD to MP4 Format for Free

How to Convert DVD to MP4 Format for Free

You have a DVD file and you want to convert it to MP4 format since the DVD file size is too large and does not support many devices. So, in this post, we’ll show you the procedure to convert DVD to MP4 format with the help of third-party software, which can be played on your iOS, Android mobile or other devices.

Advantages of converting DVD to MP4 or HEVC

  • MP4 format eats up less space than other formats while still keeping the video quality sharp.
  • MP4 file format is widely supported by many devices.
  • MP4 format is good for online streaming.
  • MP4 is very easy to store in storage and is difficult to corrupt, unlike DVD files which are easy to get corrupted.

How to convert DVD to MP4 or DVD to HEVC for free

There are currently a lot of third-party apps that offer converting DVD to MP4 format with ease such as MacX DVD Ripper Pro, TV shows DVDs, Disney kids DVDs, Old DVDs. In this post, we choose MacX DVD Ripper software to convert DVD files to MP4.

Before getting started, you need to first download MacX DVD Ripper Pro software on your computer. Once done, follow the below steps to convert DVD to MP4 videos: 

  1. Import all Disc Files

First, click on the MacX DVD Ripper Pro icon on the desktop and choose the “Disc” button. It will then import all the DVD files on your screen.

  1. Choose Output Format

Now, you need to select the format in the output file. To get a wider support, choose MP4 Video encoded with H264 + AAC option in General Profiles as the output format. There is also a slider to adjust quality and speed. The slower the speed is, the better the quality will be.

  1. Add Subtitle or Audio Track 

If your own subtitles or audio to the DVD file, you can add it the file. Click on the expand icon at the chosen title to open the choice of the subtitle file. There is also an option to specify the subtitle position.

Now, choose Bottom position if you want to display the subtitles at the bottom.

You can also select the audio track next to the subtitle option. On the right corner of the main interface, check “High Quality Engine” and “De-interlacing” to get the highest quality output.

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  1. Specify Output Profile

You can then choose Output profiles for specific devices. Next, you have to select the output folder to save the converted file on your computer. The output folder will be displayed as the Destination Folder at the bottom. All you need is to click on “Browse” to select the output path.

  1. Start Conversion

Now click on “RUN” to get started. There will be a pop-up DVD window showing up on the screen for the necessary details and the processing percentage. Once converting DVD to MP4 format is done, you can then transfer it to other devices like your iPhone or Android phone.

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