How To Customize Notification Bar On Galaxy Note 9

How To Customize Notification Bar On Galaxy Note 9

When swiping down from the top of the screen of your Galaxy Note 9, there will be some Quick Setting controls as well as recently received notifications. Swipe down a second time, there is an expanded view of the entire notification bar.

Do you know that everything in the notification bar of your Galaxy Note 9 is customizable? You will have more ways to use and enjoy your phone. Instead of fumbling through your device’s settings menu, you can change it as your liking. After that, you can use a theme to change the colors and then give it your personal touch.

How to Customize the Galaxy Note 9 Notification Bar

First, after unlocking your phone and swiping down twice, you’ll view more options and a 3-dots button at the top. Simply tap on it to get started with customization.

  • Pull Down the notification bar and swipe down a second time for expansion
  • Tap on the 3-dot Settings button at the top right corner
  • Choose Button Order or Button Grid
  • Now, drag and drop the icons to customize your grid size or the order of the quick settings
  • Tap on Done when you finish

After tapping on the three dots, the first option you see is the button order. From there, you can transfer the quick setting tiles as well as options that you use the most to the front. For example, if you usually use have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, simply press & hold and then drag the icons to your favorite position.

You can also tap on “Grid” to change the number of apps and settings on the screen. You can select between 3×3, 4×3 or 5×3.

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Other Customization

There are also a few other steps that you can take to personalize the notification bar area on your Note 9 such as the font size, clock, a battery percentage number, or different colors. The biggest change is to add a theme, which can change the entire color of the notification bar as well as the settings menu on your phone.

If you’d like to change some of this, navigate to Settings > Wallpaper & themes and pick up a new theme. Each selected theme will completely change the color of the notification bar, and other aspects of your Galaxy Note 9.

After that, scroll through the themes menu and pick up something that fits your style. On our Galaxy Note 9, we choose Pixel theme by Cameron Bunch. You can also search by his name to find the correct one.

Now, if you like, navigate to Settings > Display > Status Bar and then add a battery percentage. You can also only set your phone to only show two recent notifications. By this way, you will not have 5-6 icons at the top of the screen. Keep it clean and organized.

Lastly, you simply head to Settings > Display > Screen Zoom & Font to change the size of text or icons. There are also options to change your font, style, icons, and even the overall scale and size of the content displaying on your screen. We recommend you to install an alternative launcher to take advantage of your big 6.4-inch screen.

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