How to Enroll iOS Public Beta Program

How to Enroll iOS Public Beta Program

There is one day left, some important software goodies will be arriving. With iOS 12’s unveil at WWDC, iOS users are awaiting new features and changes. There is also awaited beta test of iOS 12 version.

iOS users can enroll for free in Apple’s Beta Software Program, which allows them to test new software builds prior to its official rollout. Beta iOS users will be able to report bugs and then feedback to Apple to iOS version.

All iOS users are encouraged to submit all feedback with the help of the Feedback app. This also includes feature suggestions, bug reports.

Get Started

1) Visit “”

It is the portal for public testers. All you need is logging in your Apple ID by selecting “Sign In” option (image below). From there, you will be welcomed by a splash screen with a number of options at the top:

2)Select “Enroll Your Devices” in the top menu

If you want to read more information about iOS and the program, simply scroll further down to the page. You will also be directed to a page outlining the next steps.

3) Follow steps to create an archived iOS backup

Apple recommends users to make an iTunes backup of your device before proceeding to install the beta software. So, you should create a backup first to make sure that your data will be protected if something goes wrong during installation. To start the process, plug your device into a computer using your lightning cable.

If you want to save iCloud Keychain passwords and important Health data, you should do an encrypted backup. iTunes will then prompt you to create a password, which will be used to access your backup data later on. This information won’t be preserved using the default.

After it’s completed, your backup is not automatically archived. MacOS users can easily archive their latest backup by going to iTunes > Preferences > Devices.

Afterward, simply right click on your backup and select “Archive.” When it’s successful, iTunes will then label your backup coming with a date and time, and a padlock icon.

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4) Install the iOS Beta Profile

When you access the Beta Software Program information through your computer, you can visit in order to download the beta profile. It configures your device for iOS 12 beta testing and logging.

After that, you will be prompted to install the profile within Settings app on your iPhone/iPad. Simply follow the link and tap on “Install.” Your device will then automatically restart. If it does not, just reboot your iPhone manually.

5) Finally…update your device to iOS 12.

After following all mentioned steps, it is time to update your iPhone/iPad to the latest iOS 12 beta version. Go to Settings > General > Software Update, like you did for a normal software update. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the beta software version. Your device will reboot once you have successfully updated iOS.

When installing beta software, you will be placed on the beta update schedule. Your iPhone/iPad will prompt you to update newer versions as soon as they’re available.

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