How to factory unlock iPhone by IMEI number?

How to factory unlock iPhone by IMEI number?

We have hundreds of reasons for why we should unlock an iPhone. Especially when you want to change your carrier or traveling.

Today, we’re going to learn about unlocking an iPhone. We will get start from the definitions.

What is the “iPhone IMEI” number

Every phones (including iPhone) also have an unique “IMEI number”, this is 15 digits number stands for a cell phone. By searching for an IMEI number, we can see almost information about the phone (Brand, model, network, color…).

For iPhone, we can easily see the IMEI number by dialling *#06# or going to Settings -> General -> About -> IMEI. If the iPhone isn’t actived yet, let’s go to the first activation screen and you will see a little “i” icon on the screen, tap it to get the IMEI number.

Continue talking about the iPhone we will find out what is unlocking an iPhone and how many methods to unlock an iPhone.

What is “iPhone unlocking”?

Almost of us will buy an iPhone from carrier because it’s more cheaper, these iPhones would be locked to 1 carrier and just be able to use 1 carrier SIM card. If you want to switch your carrier or just simply you want to bring your iPhone for traveling, you’ll meet a big trouble because the iPhone will not work. In this case, we have to unlock the iPhone

Another case, a lot of people asked me about helping them escaping from iCloud activation lock. Some people forgot their password, some other bought iPhone from eBay and it’s locked by iCloud activation… In this case, we also need to unlock the iPhone from iCloud activation lock or the iPhone will just become a “paperweight”

So now, we’re going to continue talking about the methods to unlock your iPhone.

Method 1: Official – Factory unlock iPhone

What is “factory iPhone unlocking“?

Factory unlocking an iPhone means “officially – permanently unlock the iPhone“. Your iPhone SIM lock status is regulated in Apple activation server. Everytime you active your iPhone, the iPhone will “ask” the Apple activation server for “What is my SIM-Lock status? Should I let my master use any SIM cards?” Then Apple server will response a signal and your iPhone will follow it to let you use other SIM or not (The same mechanism for iCloud activation lock).

So, factory unlocking iPhone is whitelisting your IMEI number from Apple activation database to change your iPhone SIM-lock status. That’s the way to permanently unlock your iPhone, it will never be relocked even you restore the iPhone or upgrade iOS!

But how to do that?

Unfortunately, you can’t do it by yourself, and it’s not free at all. We have to use third party service, there are some providers helping us to do that. But you have to be aware because there are also a lot of Scammers of bad providers out there.

For helping you to select a trusted one, I highly recommend Factory unlock iPhone


I’ve already used this website to unlock my iPhone and it was perfect! The service was quick and the communication is quite good, price is also acceptable. They also offer 100% money back guarantee if the unlock got failed by any reasons. So I think it’s okay to go ahead with.

Just simply purchase your amount and submit your IMEI number to their website, they will help you to whitelist the IMEI number from Apple activation database. There is no addition action required, just simply wait for their response and then connect the iPhone to iTunes to complete the unlock. It’s pretty easy!

Method 2: Unlock iPhone using Gevey SIM

This is the gevey SIM:


This method actually use a micro-equipment to let your iPhone treat your SIM card as original SIM. It’s cheating your iPhone.

For example, if your iPhone is locked to Japan Softbank, and it just accepts Softbank SIM. But you want to use AT&T SIM card from USA, so how to do?

Insert your AT&T SIM with the “gevey SIM”, then select “Japan softbank” mode. And your iPhone will think that the SIM was Softbank one and it will be accepted.

How to Bypass iCloud (Unlock iCloud)?

If you’re owner of the iCloud account and just forgot your password but remember your registering information, then it’s a big chance to unlock iCloud activation from your iPhone.

In this case, you have to call Apple support (Go to apple supporting page and schedule a call. Then they will guide you how to continue. You may have to provide your information including: Your full name, phone number, address, security question… Then supporter will decide to help you remove iCloud activation lock.

If you don’t remember anything or you bought an iPhone online and it’s locked to another iCloud account? In this case we have to use again. Let’s go to: Unlock iCloud activation lock and provide your IMEI number, they will help you to do that with the IMEI number only. The price is not cheap, so you have to ponder!

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