How To Fix All Annoyances On Samsung Phone

How To Fix All Annoyances On Samsung Phone

Samsung is currently the biggest Android manufacturer, but that doesn’t mean all their phones are perfect as soon as out of the box. In fact, most of them initially have several annoyances. So, in this post today, we’ll show you how to fix many of these.

Remove Any Bloatware

All Samsung phones are pre-installed a lot of extra garbage, which comes from carriers, or from Samsung itself. Although there is an option for whether or not to install Samsung apps during the setup process, these apps can still be deleted if you don’t need them later.

To get started getting of the bloatware on your Samsung phone, launch the Settings app first. From the Settings menu, tap on “Apps” option.

In the Apps menu, choose any app you want to remove. You will see one of two options here: Uninstall or Disable.

However, you are not allowed to remove or disable the bloatware that is a core part of the system, like Bixby Vision. Since its part of a bigger app tool, disabling Bixby could break other functions, so Samsung doesn’t allow you to disable it.

Remove Bixby

If you’re using a Galaxy phone that has a Bixby Button support, sometimes you don’t really need it. Fortunately, you can switch Bixby off. But it’s a multi-stop process as Samsung doesn’t include a simple tap-to-disable button.

Disable Edge Panels

From the Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung has added “Edge Panels” on the side of the display. But, if you don’t use Edge Panels, they automatically get in the way.

Luckily, there is an option to turn them off. Simply go to Settings > Display > Edge Screen, and toggle “Edge Panels” to off.

Customize (or Disable) the Always On Display

“Always-on displays” is a fantastic feature for Galaxy users to have a quick glance at information without having to unlock your phone. You can tweak Always On Display to make it more useful for you.

To customize it, go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Always On Display. From there, customize the schedule when Always On Display is turned on, the brightness level, and other contents.

If you want to go an advanced step, navigate to Settings > Lock Screen & Security > Clock & FaceWidgets. You can also change the clock style, and the widgets showing up on the Always On Display screen, which Samsung calls “FaceWidgets.”

There is also a quick way to turn Always On Display off. All you need is toggling the switch next to Always On Display in the Lock Screen & Security menu.

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Set Navigation Bar to “Correct” Layout

As Samsung dropped the home button from its Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus, and some of other latest phones and then moved to onscreen buttons, they are now more customizable. Simply go to Settings > Display > Navigation bar and tap on Button Layout to fix it.

Here are some things to fix annoyances on your Samsung Galaxy phone. There are also other things you can do such as changing the launcher, using custom themes, and more. Just discover them yourself.


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