How To Fix Common Pokémon Go Problems

How To Fix Common Pokémon Go Problems

Pokémon Go is still a great game to play until now. Every update includes fixes for existing problems, but honestly, it also comes with new bugs, issues, and other frustrations. These bugs come from GPS and networking errors which cause failure, login issue or freeze and crash the game. While we’re waiting on the next updates, here are some fixes you should do your own.

Repeated crashes

Every Pokémon Go update is released that crashes repeated. Sometimes closing and then restarting the app can be a good solution. The current Pokémon Go version is causing repeatedly crashes for many players. The solution that’s working to fix it is:

  1. Delete the Pokémon Go app on your device
  2. Open the App Store and re-download and re-install Pokémon Go
  3. Once done, launch Pokémon Go

However, you will need to re-create teams that you get for Raids or Gyms, which is pretty annoying, but at least the crashes will go away.


Stop Pokémon Go from eating up your battery

Fast battery drain is always a headache when playing Pokémon Go. Sometimes it is heavy power usage in the app, or rogue background processes. For any reason, your phone gets hotter and the battery drains faster. To fix the issue, follow the below possible methods:

Kill Pokémon Go when you’re not in use

High battery consumption is one thing we concern as the screen is always on, GPS is going, data is moving. When you’ve finished playing the game and put your phone to stay powered on, you should close it to prevent it running in the background which will eat up the battery and make your device hotter. To do so

  1. Double-click onthe Home button (or swipe from the bottom on the iPhone X) to open the multitasking section.
  2. Swipe up the Pokémon Go tab to quit the app
  3. RelaunchPokémon Go whenever you want to play the game


Use battery saver & low power mode

Pokémon Go comes with an inbuilt “battery saver mode” which can be enabled in Settings. To turn it on

  1. Tap on the Pokémon buttonat the bottom of the screen.
  2. Choose the Settings buttonat the top right of the screen.
  3. Enable Battery Saver.

Your iPhone/iPad also has a system Low Power Mode, which helps reduce networking and other activities to save on battery life:

  1. Launch Settings app from the Home screen.
  2. Tap on Battery.
  3. Enable Low Power Mode

You can also:

  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Stick to areas with a stable Wi-Fi and cellular data signal
  • Mute the sound or use a headphone

Purchase a battery case or power pack

Although it’s not the cheapest solution, a battery case or power pack can go a long way to keep your battery from exploding when you are hunting for for Pokémon or battling at gyms.

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Blue screen of death

While it’s not the dark blue Windows version, a while Pokémon Go is launching freezing on a sky-blue screen. Fortunately, it’s intermittent. So, if you want to fix it, simply restart the app.

Fix PokéStops, Gyms, Buddies not appearing

Sometimes you just launch Pokémon Go to find the buddy blanked out or reduce to a sparkle. All the PokéStops, Gyms, and Pokémon are also gone for the landscape. You can fix the issue by force-closing and then re-launching Pokémon Go, though it requires to do it a couple of times before it starts working.

  1. Double-click onthe Home button to open the multitasking section.
  2. Swipe up the Pokémon Go tab to force quit the app.
  3. Launch Pokémon Go again
  4. Repeat the process until everything is working fine.

Fix Incense and Lucky Eggs not working

If you are using Incense or a Lucky Egg, but nothing happens, there might be some things going on. First, there might be a bad network connection or in the stage of switching from Wi-Fi to the cellular connection. You can get a little more distance and then try again, or turn Wi-Fi off temporarily.

“Incense and Lucky Eggs not working” issue might be caused by the clock on your iPhone when it’s not set correctly.

In case you have been getting in trouble with scoring some extra Lucky Egg time or other reasons, you have to set it back to automatic so that everything  works properly again. Apart from needing a proper location, Pokémon Go also requires proper time. To do so:

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Tap on GeneralDate & Time.
  3. Toggle Set Automaticallyto On.

Fix PokéStops not spinning or “Try again later” error

There’s a speed limit restricted by Pokémon Go. If you travel more than 30 kilometers per hour, you will be locked out of PokéStops. The restriction is designed to prevent players from playing the game while in a car.

Therefore, if you are in a car or train, or bus and you see a “Try again later” error when spinning a Stop, you will have to slow down and try again. When you are slow enough, you will see Pokémon in your Sightings. The same lock might also prevents Sightings from working, apart from spinning Stops usage.

Although there might be a bug when PokéStop spins, it will not change color from Blue to Purple. If you try re-sping, you will see the “Try again later” error.

Right now, after waiting for a few seconds, you could see the proper change take place. If not, or you just want to force it, close Pokémon Go and then restart it.

Fix other Pokémon Go issues

If crashes are not the problem, but there are glitches happening with items, trainer progress, you can visit Niantic’s issues page, which includes solutions for several of glitches and bugs in the game.

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