How to fix Emojis prediction not working in  iOS 10

How to fix Emojis prediction not working in  iOS 10

At the WWDC 2016 this year, Apple has introduced iOS 10 version with a lot of big changes. One of the new features is the Emojis in the Message app. Messages app in iOS 10 has been renewed to offer a greater messaging experience for iOS users. The emojis have been changed to a new level in order to bring different feelings in style for users.

The predictive QuickType keyboard on iOS 10 can now suggest emojis when you type the regular words. For example, if you type ‘ball’, you will see a ball emoji. A very important thing you need to remember is that emoji will only show up when you type a word that has the correspondence with emoji. For example, if you type happy, a smiley face will display.


Unfortunately, some of iOS users have reported that the Emoji prediction is not working on their iPhone running iOS 10. Therefore, in this article, we will show you a few tricks to fix the Predictive Emoji issue. Give them a go if you have run into the same problem!


How to fix predictive emoji not working on iOS 10 on iPhone/ iPad


  1. Turn Off/On Predictive Keyboard


Firstly, you need to ensure that the Predictive keyboard is turned on in Settings. In case it is already on, but you are still getting no emoji predictions, then you have to turn the Predictive keyboard off and then turn it back on after a few minutes. To do this, you can follow these steps below:


Step 1: Open Settings app → General

Tap-on-Settings-Then-General-on-iPhone-in-iOS-10 (2)

Step 2:  Tap on Keyboard


Step 3: Turn off the Predictive switch.


Step 4: Turn it on after a few minutes.


Step 5: Hold the Home button and the Power button for ten seconds to restart your device.


Now, the issue has been fixed.


  1. Reset Keyboard Dictionary


If the mentioned tip above has failed to fix the predictive emoji issue, you should reset the keyboard dictionary.


Step 1: Open Settings app on your iPhone → Tap on General.

Tap-on-Settings-Then-General-on-iPhone-in-iOS-10 (2)

Step 2: Scroll down and then tap on Reset.


Step 3: Tap on Reset Keyboard Dictionary → Enter the iPhone passcode( if required) → Tap on Reset Dictionary.


Step 4: Now, go back and tap on Settings → General → Keyboard → Keyboards.


Step 5: Tap on Edit on the top right corner.


Step 6: Tap on the Red button and then select Delete button.


Step 7: Next, you have to re-add the Emoji keyboard. Just tap on the Add New Keyboard.


Step 8: Search the Emoji keyboard and select it.


Step 9: Quit the Settings.


Step 10: Now, you reboot your iPhone. After the device has booted up, open the Messages app and type some regular words like ‘Sad’, ‘Happy’ to check whether the issue has been fixed or not.

Above are two simple tricks to fix “Fix predictive emoji not working on iOS 10”. If you find any useful information, leave your comments below.


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  1. Allen
    Reply September 14, 16:24 #1 Allen

    Unfortunately these steps did not work for me and seeing same for many other users on various sites. Please keep us posted if anyone finds any steps to fix. Thanks!

    • Anthony
      Reply September 17, 07:47 Anthony

      None of these solutions worked for me. But I was able to get it working. Try typing a bunch of random emojis into a text. Hit return to begin a new line, and type a word that you would expect predictive emojis for. Then it started working for me.

      • lex
        Reply September 17, 18:06 lex

        thanks anthony that worked for me!!

        • Ron
          Reply September 18, 02:48 Ron

          Me too, thanks

      • Mario
        Reply September 18, 18:57 Mario

        Thank you so much it worked

      • Madhava
        Reply September 20, 13:24 Madhava

        Thanks Anthony It Works

      • John
        Reply September 24, 17:49 John

        It worked thanks

      • rw
        Reply December 27, 08:49 rw

        OMG Thank you so much Anthony this did the trick for me! Oh wait now it’s not working anymore what? Hold on lemme try again ???????????????????
        Okay now it works ? ?

    • Lcjade
      Reply October 13, 02:52 Lcjade

      Worked perfect when nothing else did!

  2. Remusone
    Reply September 14, 16:47 #2 Remusone

    Tried above predictive emoji fixes on iphone and iPad. Fixes did not work on either

  3. B
    Reply September 14, 16:50 #3 B

    Did not work for me either

  4. JC
    Reply September 14, 16:54 #4 JC

    Does not work here either. I’m beginning to wonder if Apple turned this feature off for the final release? I’ve tried everything to get it to work. I even totally reset my iPhone.

  5. Kelsey
    Reply September 14, 19:12 #5 Kelsey

    It didn’t work for me either….

  6. Miki73
    Reply September 15, 09:36 #6 Miki73

    Doesn’t work!!! Before this “fix” it works in whatsapp but not in Imessage.
    After your tip, doesn’t work also in whatsapp, congrats!

  7. Rsb
    Reply September 17, 08:53 #7 Rsb

    Tried this all. NOne worked

    Followed this from Anthony’s post and iT started to work . “Try typing a bunch of random emojis into a text. Hit return to begin a new line, and type a word that you would expect predictive emojis for. Then it started working for me.” Thanks Anthony

  8. Zabidk
    Reply September 20, 23:31 #8 Zabidk

    It didn’t work with all the tips

  9. Geoff
    Reply September 24, 14:09 #9 Geoff

    Anthony’s method is what got mine working after trying all the other methods.

  10. Don
    Reply September 27, 04:23 #10 Don

    Anthony’s comment worked for me too!!! Thanks man!

  11. pcfixitman
    Reply October 12, 06:43 #11 pcfixitman

    My wife and I both updated to the new iOS and my phone seemed to work perfectly, but hers did not (even after trying everything in this thread). What I found made it start working instantly was to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the control center. The 1st time you access it after doing the update it notifies you about some changes. All you have to do is acknowledge these changes and close the control center. Inline emoji predictions should start working immediately.

    Hope this helps.

    Reply November 11, 01:03 #12 LOVEOFGOD

    IT works for me
    just start writing to someone on iMessage type in any word like love and then ad random a lot of emoji like 30 diff kinds and delete them with X bottom and start typing again thats it

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