How to fix iTunes error 3259 in macOS and Windows 10

How to fix iTunes error 3259 in macOS and Windows 10

iTunes has been the highlights of Apple’s devices since the day one, allowing users to download and store their digital content. iTunes has been through countless updates since the launch day, and it is now a reliable place for your content. However, iTunes sometimes becomes a cause of annoyance, as it fails to work properly.

A number of users have reported that iTunes fails to connect to the Store and they get a message saying “An unknown error occurred (-3259).” Others claim that they cannot download their music from iTunes and also get the error 3259. If you are dealing with the issue, then do not worry.

There are several workarounds for fixing iTunes error 3259. With that in mind, we are going to show you the steps to deal with iTunes error 3259. Before we begin, make sure your computer is now running the latest update of iTunes.

  1. First, what’s happening?

iTunes error 3259 is not something new out there, as it has been one of the common iTunes issues. Apple keeps releasing new updates to fix the issue, but it emerges as one of the most persistent problems.

Error -3259 happens when your security programs installed on your computer interfere with iTunes. Some of your security software may block connections to iTunes servers, thus preventing you from downloading music and shopping for your favorite movies. According to tech experts, iTunes error -3259 hits all computers with iTunes installed, including Windows and Mac.

  1. How to fix iTunes error -3259

There are several ways to fix iTunes error -3259 on your computer. If you need help, make sure you check out our steps below.

  • Method 1: Make sure your date and time settings are correct

Wrong time and date may lead to several issues on your computer like app crashes and failed internet connection. In this case, it may cause your iTunes to malfunction. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check your date/time settings.

To change time/date on your Mac, head to the Apple menu at the top of the display and select System Preferences from the drop-down menu. After that, click Date and Time and then set the date and time automatically or manually. In Windows 10, open Settings, then select Time & Language and change date and time. Once you are done, open iTunes and check if the problem is fixed.

  • Method 2: Update your computer

If the problem still persists, then there’s a good chance that your computer now has an older OS version. If this is the case, make sure you update your device to fix the issue. Keep in mind that a new software update usually comes with bug fixes and system enhancements. To update macOS, open the App Store app on your Mac and then hit Updates. After that, hit the Update button to install any available updates.

  • Method 3: Disable your antivirus or security programs on your computer

Security programs may prevent iTunes from connecting to Apple servers. If you have a security program installed on your computer, then try disabling it temporarily. If you do not want to turn off your security program, then try updating it.

In Windows, you can turn off Firewall to see if the problem is fixed. To do this, open Windows Defender Security Center, then select your network profile and turn it off (make sure you keep Firewall enabled to protect your data from the prying eyes).

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