How to add flash to take perfect selfies with your front camera

How to add flash to take perfect selfies with your front camera

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Today, mid range phones and low end phones are equipped with front camera, however they do not offer front flash feature. In these cases, front camera will be useless if you want to take selfies at night or in dark places.

Not to worry, we will give you tips for solving this tough problem. To take good and clear selfies in low light conditions, you should install apps for each type of device. It can’t be more perfect as using the apps allowing you to take good selfies to share with others. Here are the useful apps for both Android and iPhone devices:

In Android Devices

1. Front Flash

This app brights up your mobile phone screen, especially the area where you take photos with front camera. This is a great app to take selfies at night.

1- Front-Flash

2. Snapchat

Another good app is Snapchat. After installing Snapchat, its low-light camera mode with the moon icon near the camera flash will help you take clear photos at night and even in low light. Launch the app helps brighten what’s in the frame.

2- Snapchat

3. BestMe Selfie Camera

With this app, you can change your selfies, bright up them and upload it on your social profiles. This is regarded as one of the best selfie photo editor apps for android devices. It is great to have clear and nice photos to share with everyone.

3- Best-Me-Selfie

In iOS Devices

1. Selfshot – Front Flash Camera

Installing this app means you can take full advantage of using front camera on your iPhone/iPad to create great images and video selfies.

4- Take-Selfie-in-Low-Light

2. Take Selfies FREE – With Front Flash In Low-Light

This is considered as the only selfie app with a built-in timer so you can get the chance to perfect your pose.

5- Take-Selfie-in-Low-Light-with-front-flash

3. Snapchat

Like Android devices, Snapchat’s low-light camera mode will make users taking selfies with their iPhone/iPad front camera to have a clear photo at night.

6- Front-Flash-With-Snapchat

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