How to hide files and photos on Android

How to hide files and photos on Android

Sometimes, due to some reasons, we have to hide sensitive files, photos, videos instead of showing them in the Photo gallery or other folders. However, not many Android users know how to do so on their device. In this post today, we’d like to show you how to hide folders and images on your Android.

Set up a private space for hiding files

One of the first things you to hide files, photos, and videos on your Android phone is creating a private space to store them. What to do is create a second OS version, which is protected by different passwords or fingerprints than your currently primary one. It is very useful for parents who want their kids to use their phones without opening certain apps and see sensitive pictures or videos. In this post, we test on our Huawei P10 Pro as an example.

  • Launch Settings app and tap on Security & Privacy
  • Scroll down and find the Private Space options
  • Turn a new Private Space and set up a password
  • There is also an option to add a fingerprint to unlock the Private Space. You can then unlock either your Main Space or your Private Space with different fingerprints.
  • Your Private Space is similar to the default setup, and it can hide all your private photos and videos in your Main Space


Hide certain folders from the gallery app

You can also hide some certain folders with private photos or videos right from your Gallery app. Although the options can be in a slightly different place depending on the UI of the Android phone you are using, the process is quite simple. In this post, we’ve tested on EMUI UI based on Android Oreo.

  • Open your Gallery and select the folders that you want to hide
  • Tap on the three dots and launch the Settings bubble at the bottom
  • From here, tap on Hide albums and select which ones you want them to show in the Gallery.
  • To see them again, simply toggle them back

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How to hide images in your gallery on with file transfer

There are hundreds of pictures that have automatically been downloaded from WhatsApp app on your phone and you want to hide it. Here’s what you should next:

  • Connect your Android phone to the computer and enable file transfer
  • Go to the WhatsApp directory
  • Create an empty text file and change its name to .nomedia (you can also do the same in the music directory)
  • Now, check the result in your gallery app.
  • Wait for a tidy gallery

Even when you cannot access your computer, you can still rename other files in .nomedia and then move it to your favorite directory.

How to hide individual photos and videos in Android

Sometimes, you need to hand your phone over to your family and friends. However, it can be unnerving if you have to keep files private. In this case, simply move those into a hidden directory, and then add them into ‘.nomedia’ file. To do so:

  • Plug your phone into the computer and allow “file transfer” option. Next, open file explorer on your computer
  • Click on your phone and choose the DCIM folder
  • Create a .hidden folder and an empty text file and change its name to .nomedia
  • Move your desired photos into .hidden
  • Check if this has worked in your gallery. Enjoy!

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