How to identify and deal with Android phones charging slowly

How to identify and deal with Android phones charging slowly

You can charge your Android phone and almost all other smartphones by connecting them to your computer, laptop or plugging them into a wall outlet. Sometimes, you may find that your phone takes hours to charge when connecting it to your laptop, but when plugged into a wall outlet, it charges much faster. You may think that your laptop does not have the ability to charge the phone faster but sometimes this is not a problem. Your Android phone may charge slowly for some reasons, one of these ones can be your data cable that is defective.

An Android phone running Android 6.0 and above will inform you that the device is charging normally or slowly. When it’s charging normally, you will see a message on the lock screen that says Charging, and when it’s slow, you will see Charging Slowly. To check if the data cable or something makes your Android phone charge slowly, you should take notice of the following cases:

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Case 1: Your laptop is currently running on battery power. Either your operating system or the hardware on your laptop restricts how fast a device connected through USB can charge when your system is running on a battery. Try plugging your laptop into a wall outlet to check whether the charging speed increases.

Case 2: The USB port is defective or slow. The device may charge slowly if there is something wrong with the USB port you’ve connected it to. Try plugging your device into another port on your laptop to see if the charging speed improves.

Case 3: Assuming changing USB ports and plugging your laptop into a wall outlet does not enable your phone to charge faster, there maybe something wrong with your laptop which makes it impossible to charge as fast as it should. Try connecting your phone to another laptop. The old laptop having a problem with its power supply unit and internal wiring may not allow your phone charge at normal speed.

Case 4: Connect your phone to a wall outlet. Note that the outlet isn’t run on a UPS system. If your device still charges slowly, the exact cause of this is the data cable.

If the phone doesn’t even charge normally as you consider all of the 4 above test cases, data cable may serve as the cause. Using a new one or the one approved and certified by the manufacturer of your phone. Try the 4 cases again. A counterfeit or low quality cable often do not offer you good and stable charging speed, therefore, a good quality cable is highly recommended.

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