How to print a webpage without ads

How to print a webpage without ads

Printing a webpage has become much simpler, as most of today’s web browsers support printing functionality, allowing users to print their favorite articles from a webpage. However, this comes with the same old problem. When you print a webpage on your computer, the end result is a printed article with various page elements like advertisements, logos, and social media details.

Fortunately, there is a simple workaround for dealing with problem. This can be done easily on popular web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Opera without the need for a third-party software or program.

In this article, we will go through the steps to print a webpage without ads. Before we get started, make sure you have the latest version of your web browser installed on your computer. If you are not sure, update your web browser first.

How to print a webpage without ads in Microsoft Edge

With Windows 10, Microsoft removed its classic Internet Explorer in favor of a fast and modern Edge. Microsoft Edge ranks among the best web browsing platforms out there, thanks to its new features and stable performance.

Microsoft Edge features a reader mode that eliminates other distracting elements like ads, logos, crazy layouts, and polls. What you get is a simplified article that focuses on the content only. You can use the reader mode in Edge to print out a webpage without ads. Here is how

Step one: First off, launch Microsoft Edge and open a webpage you wish to print

Step two: Once you are done, click on the book icon to the right of the address bar to enter the reading mode in the Edge

Step three: Next up, hit the settings button at the top right corner of the screen and then select Print from the drop-down menu to proceed

Step four: A printing window will show up, with some printing options like Printer, Orientation, Pages, and Margins. Select your option (make sure a Printer is connected to your computer)

Step five: Once you are done, hit the Print button at the bottom to complete the task.

How to print a webpage without ads in Internet Explorer

If your computer is now running Windows 8.1 or lower, you still can print your favorite webpages without ads. Like the Edge, the Explorer includes a reader mode that removes ads and other page elements.

Step one: Launch Internet Explorer on your computer and then visit a webpage you wish to print without ads

Step two: Next up, hit the Reader icon to the right of the URL field. After that, launch the Charm bar and select Devices

Step three: Hit Print, select the Printer you wish to use and you will be presented with various printing options. Select your option and click on Print.

How to print a webpage without ads in Safari (macOS)

Safari for Mac allows you to print a simplified version of an article without the need for a third-party app or software. Here is how.

Step one: Open Safari on your Mac and then head to the webpage you wish to print. After that, click on the Reader button to the left of the address bar

Step two: Once you are in Reader mode, click on File and select Print from the drop-down menu

Step three: Adjust your printed webpage settings and then hit the Print button.

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