How to reinstall Windows 10 Home in S mode

How to reinstall Windows 10 Home in S mode

There are recovery images provided by Microsoft for Windows Surface users, which allow resetting your Surface as if it was out of the box. The process needs a USB drive and a stable internet connection. If you plan on selling your Surface Go, return to Windows 10 Home in S mode, or are getting technical troubles, recovering your Surface Go is necessary. Here’s how you can do it.

Download the recovery image

Before getting started, you have to download the files for recovery. All you need is noting the serial number of your Surface Go so that the download will be done. The download size is about 6.6GB, so be patient.

  1. Visit Microsoft’s recovery image download page
  2. Choose Surface Go from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the serial number of your Surface Go
  4. Click on the latest version of “Download recovery image”. The process will take some time depending on the internet connection.


How to Create a USB recovery drive

Once you have downloaded the files for recovery, it’s time to set up a USB drive for recovery. But make sure the USB drive is at least 16GB in size.

  1. Press on Start and search for “Create a recovery drive”.
  2. Deselect Backup system files to the recovery drive option and click Next
  3. Choose your USB drive as the recovery drive and click on Next.
  4. Choose Create drive.

How to Extract recovery files

After you have successfully created your USB recovery drive, transfer all files that you downloaded earlier.

  1. Right click on the downloaded recovery file.
  2. Choose Extract All.
  3. Click on Extract to create a folder in the same directory, into which the contents will be extracted.
  4. Launch the extracted contents folder and you will see a name along the lines of “SurfaceGo_BMR_11_1.011.2”
  5. Copy all the files in the extracted folder into your USB recovery drive.

You can also press CTRL + A to choose all the files in the folder and then drag them into the “RECOVERY” drive in the left sidebar.

You can be asked to replace the existing files in the destination. If so, choose “Replace files in destination.”

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How to Recover Surface Go

Once you have loaded all the necessary files, you can recover the Surface Go. Ensure you’ve backed up all your data first, since the process will delete all your apps, documents.

  1. Power off your Surface Go.
  2. Insert your USB recovery drive created into the Surface Go port.
  3. Hold the volume down + power button
  4. When you see the Surface logo, release the buttons. It will appear A blue screen with language selection options.
  5. Choose language and keyboard settings.
  6. Click on Troubleshoot.
  7. Click on Recover from a drive.
  8. When you are asked for a recovery key, choose Skip this drive.
  9. Choose Just remove my files.
  10. Click on Recover and it will automatically restart your Surface Go. When the process is done, Windows 10 Home in S mode will return on your Surface Go.

That’s all you need. Your Surface Go can now run Windows 10 Home in S mode.


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