How to Reset Easy File Locker Password

How to Reset Easy File Locker Password

Easy File Locker developed by XOSLAB is a lightweight software that allows you to hide important and sensitive files and prevent everyone from accessing your system. To see the protected files again, open Easy File Locker with your own password and then choose “Stop Protection” option. Without the correct password, the tool will not be possible to unhide your files. In case you forget the password, you might be unlucky, as this tool doesn’t have any option to reset your forgotten password. However, you should not worry, there is still a way to get the files back from Easy File Locker software without remembering your old password.

Steps to Retrieve Files from Easy File Locker

Once the Easy File Locker is installed on your Windows computer and you configure your password, the password will be stored in somewhere to validate. It’s in the form of a “.dat” file. Obviously, it’s difficult to read the file contents inside to see the password. Here is an easy way to So here is the simple way to password and retrieve hidden files:

Step 1: Remove user.dat file

If you want to reset your Easy File Locker password, the first step to do is deleting “user.dat” file permanently in C: drive> Users > Public > Public Documents > EFL.

When you are in EFL folder, right click on “user.dat” file and remove it. After that, empty the Recycle Bin as well to make sure it completely goes away.


On a few computers, Public Documents folder might be named as Documents.

Step 2: Reinstall Easy File Locker software

Now, download Easy File Locker and reinstall the software on your Windows computer. Remember NOT to uninstall the existing Easy File Locker software, overwrite it with a new one. Simply follow the basic on-screen instruction if the installer to overwrite the previous configurations. Reinstalling the software also creates a new user.bat file in EFL folder.


Step 3: Stop Protection to get back hidden files

After the installation of Easy File Locker is completed, open it by double clicking on the shortcut icon on the desktop. It will then list all your hidden files without requiring you to enter your forgotten password.


To unhide all protected files and access them normally, just click “System” > select “Stop Protection” option.

Step 4: Set a new password

After accessing your files without entering the password, you can then easily set a new password. To reset your Easy File Locker password, simply click on “System” > “Set Password“. Enter your new one twice and confirm it.

To protect your files with the new password, click on “System” > “Start Protection“. When you start the protection, all files listed in Easy File Locker will continue to be hidden, including Administrators.


The above method is tested with Easy File Locker v2.2 version for 64-bit Windows 10 OS. However, it also works on older versions of Windows and Easy File Locker. If this method didn’t work for you, you should boot your Windows computer into Safe Mode and all hidden files in Easy File Locker will show up normally.


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