How to sideload Android apps on Oculus Go

How to sideload Android apps on Oculus Go

Most people are facing a problem with a lack of compatibility between Oculus Go controller and Android Apps. However, there is now a solution to fix it. This all runs through adb and will require a few downloads and a decent amount of patience. Read on below to see how!

How to install Android apps onto your Oculus Go

To get your favorite apps on the Oculus Go, you’ll have to sideload them through several steps. After the apps are installed you no longer have to do more steps to show them up in the Oculus Go TV app. When the app is installed a new section in TV app, there is also a section, labeled “Unknown Sources” on the screen. From there, click on the app to load the app and get it started.

Enable Developer Mode on your Oculus Go

First of all, to install Android apps on your Oculus Go, you will first need to create a developer account on its website and then enable it into developer mode. To do so:

  1. Visit this website and log in your Oculus account.
  2. Create a name for “Organization”.
  3. Agree with “Developer Non-Disclosure Agreement” and check the box and press “I Agree.”

It will allow debugging on your Oculus Go after enabling Developer Mode options. Simply follow the below steps

  • Launch the Oculus app on your phone.
  • Tap on Settings and choose your Oculus Go headset.
  • Tap on “More Settings”.
  • Enable Developer Mode.

Download your Oculus Go ADB files

  1. Download ADB Oculus Go drivers from
  2. On your computer, go to your device manager.
  3. When connecting your Oculus Go to your computer, it will display on the list.
  4. Right-click on your Oculus Go click on “Update driver.”‘
  5. Choose “Browse my computer for driver software.”
  6. Click the option to browse it to a folder containing the downloaded ADB driver is.
  7. Select the file and it will automatically update the driver.
  8. Now, make sure you have you ADB installed by entering this command in your computer’s cmd, “adb devices“.
  9. If the device code appears in your command prompt, it means that the adb can recognize your device and you can then start to install app.

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Use the app on Oculus Go

You now have to download the following files (here, we test Vysor app) to your computer. Once the download is completed, then here is how to use them with your device.

  1. Download the Vysor app
  2. Connect your Oculus Go to your computer via USB port and enable debugging option on it.
  3. Click on the gears icon above settings.
  4. Make sure it’s showing all the details of your Oculus Go and then hit “Connect”.

There is now a second screen on your computer, showing what your Oculus Go is seeing. From there, you can use your mouse to control anything in the Oculus Go. This will solve the compatibility issues in your Android apps that you want to use in Oculus TV. Now, simply have fun with it.



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