How to Speed Up Sluggish Windows Computer

How to Speed Up Sluggish Windows Computer

Is your Windows computer running slow? Before going to the nearest computer store to look for a new one, there’s plenty you can do to boost up give your old machine. Below are four affordable and easy means of squeezing performance ounces from your old Windows PC.

Affordable ways to speed up your old PC/Laptop

A computer’s performance depends on hardware and software configuration. So, you need to fix both to gain a considerable speed boost. Here are three ways to improve the speed of your Windows computer:

  1. Upgrade Your Computer RAM


If you want to improve multitasking performance, the first step you should do is performing RAM upgrades. If the current system requires more than 2GB of RAM from your Windows PC, adding a few GBs will not cost you much, but you can see a huge difference. However, if you combine the RAM upgrade with an SSD hard drive, your old Windows computer will run like a flash!

  1. Upgrade Your Old HDD to SSD Storage

Another way of giving a new life for your laptop is replacing the old HDD drive with a Solid State Drive (SSD). You can install modern SSD drive on almost Windows computer model, from the old Lenovo ThinkPad laptop to AMD desktop PCs. Once replaced, your device will have a faster boot time and your old processors will also feel springier after installing an SSD drive.


Since SSDs have no moving parts, meaning that read and write speeds are much more superior over the old optical hard drives. Additionally, the pricing of an SSD drive is not too expensive and rive you bankrupt, but you need to compromise on storage space because SSDs cost higher per GB.

If you are worried about finding old Windows installation disks, you can then clone your old disk onto the new SSD drive. There are several programs that can clone your older disk to a new disk. After you have a copy of your files in the new SSD, simply run a Windows basics test to check that the OS generates no errors.

  1. Run Windows ReadyBoost Application

If you are using an old Windows version like Windows XP, you can also speed up your computer with a Windows built-in function, called ReadyBoost. With this feature, you can implement an external flash drive as the extra memory. But this is only the last resort as upgrading RAM amount or switching to SSD can make a bigger difference.

ReadyBoost can act as a turbocharger for your computer’s RAM. A part of your USB drive memory will be used for caching, increasing read access speed of your hard drive during the process. Your regularly used programs can also open more swiftly.

Unfortunately, while this method is effective, there is still a lot of debate. So you should keep in mind that the method is only useful if your old computer has less than 2GB RAM and is running on an old HDD. SSD drives will be much faster compared to even the quicker USB  flash drives.


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