How to transfer data from Windows to Mac OS

How to transfer data from Windows to Mac OS

Known as a high stability, today OS X is chosen by more and more users. However, there is a difficulty to transfer the data to the new platform, therefore in this article; we will show you how to convert data from Windows to OS X in a simple way.

OS X has built-in Migration Assistant tool that allows you to quickly move data from Windows, the data will be then transferred to the corresponding app on OS X.

For example, the Migration Assistant allows you to move all emails from Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows mail, or Windows Live mail to Email on Mac. All contacts from Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Contacts will be transferred to the Contacts app on Mac OS.

Note:  your Mac and Windows PC need connecting to the same network for the Assistant to work.

  1. Install Windows Migration Assistant

First, you need to download Windows Migration Assistant, here. Once it is downloaded, launch the app, and follow the instructions to install.


Once that is finished, open the tool, and remember to give permission for the Migration Assistant to proceed.

  1. Make contact

When the Migration Assistant tool starts, you will see a simple assistant. The assistant will then collect information from your Windows PC, including the account settings, personal files and emails, to transfer them to your Mac.


After both your computers are connected to the same network, they will begin the process by contacting each other.

  1. Call the Mac

Click on Continue to start the Migration Assistant in Windows. It will search the local network to contact with any local Mac that is running the Mac version of the. Until the contact has been made, the Windows portion of the program will move over to your Mac.


In case you set it up for the first time, check out for the appropriate steps of the Setup Assistant.

  1. Open Migration Assistant

If your Mac has already been set up, open Migration Assistant app from the Utilities folder. You will be prompted on  how you want to transfer your information: a Time Machine backup, a Windows PC or startup disk. Choose ‘From a Windows PC’ then click on Continue.


Enter your username and password if asked. Click Continue again and your Mac will start searching for your Windows PC.

  1. Select your system

As your PC is opening the Windows Migration Assistant, and both your computers are on the same network, so your Mac can find and display it.


Click on Continue to authorize the PC you want to transfer data to. The program generates a six-figure code that is displayed on your Mac.


Back to your Windows PC and check the number displayed. Then click Continue on the PC.

  1. Select items


Now, on your Mac, click Continue. You will see a list of the accounts available on your PC. Select those you want to transfer data to. You can also choose items within the selected accounts you like (click the triangle near an account’s name). Click on Continue.

When the data is transferred, both your PC and Mac will display progress bars. This can take a few hours to complete, depending on the amount of your data.


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