HTC 10 Review – The comeback HTC fans have been waiting for

HTC 10 Review – The comeback HTC fans have been waiting for

Pros                                                                                                           Cons

Beautiful design                                                                           Metal construction makes the phone slippery

Great camera performance                                                          No water proof

Solid battery life                                                                         High price tag

Smooth performance

Excellent audio quality

HTC 10 is really something an HTC fan has been waiting for following last year’s release of HTC One M9, which failed to live up to expectations. In reality, HTC One M9 was a right direction for the Taiwanese smartphone maker, but it was not enough. The device was met with much negative criticism due to its boring design language and lack of exciting features.

HTC 10 serves as a perfect way for HTC to bounce back after years of decline in business. In this review, we will find out if HTC 10 is truly a complete package from HTC that we have been waiting for. Here we go:


With HTC 10, HTC brings back the all-metal unibody construction that the company is known for. This time, HTC has added some refinements which serve as the phone’s main selling point and creates some separation from its previous models. The new handset is slightly heavier than its predecessors, but it does sit comfortably in the palm of your hand.


The front side of the phone marks the removal of the dual front-facing speaker setup and the black HTC bar that sits below the display. Instead, the new device comes equipped with a front-facing speaker above the display, a subwoofer at the bottom and a USB Type-C port. Luckily, BoomSound is still there, offering the best sound ever. On the back, new chamfers and slight curve offer comfortable handling experience. However, metal design does make the device slippery, so make sure that you hold it tight.


With HTC 10, Sense UI has been simplified, as HTC removes some unnecessary applications like HTC internet, Fun Fit, Scribble and Polaris Office. Instead, HTC replaces these apps with Chrome, Google Fit, Google Keep, and Google Docs respectively.


Lock screen has been redesigned, making it much easier for users to access the device. From now on, you simply swipe up to unlock. The new handset also comes with a fingerprint scanner that wakes up your phone with a simple touch.

HTC10 offers plenty of themes to pick from. You can choose your themes right from the launchers’ menu. App drawer remains the same style the company is famous for. BlinkFeed has been simplified a lot and becomes useful for users.


Like other high-end smartphones that have been released recently, HTC 10 comes with the latest processing package. The device is fueled by the quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, clocked at 2.15 GHz, paired with a dedicated Adreno 530 GPU and 4GB of RAM. The new handset is a beast, as it delivers a stellar performance from gaming to playing high-resolution videos.


HTC phone has never been a big deal in terms of camera. With the latest HTC 10, HTC switches back to what they call UltraPixel (2.0) technology (12 MP camera). HTC 10’s camera comes with Optical Stabilization System, an f/1.8 aperture and dual-tone LED flash.


Camera launches quickly and contains two toggles which are flash and HDR mode. Besides, HTC 10’s camera comes equipped with different camera modes including Slow motion, Hyperlapse, Pro, Panorama, and Zoe Camera.


HTC 10 is a great smartphone with powerful processors, beautiful design and great camera. The device serves as the strategic plan for HTC’s comeback following the disappointing HTC One M9. It is too early to say that HTC 10 will succeed, but for HTC fans, HTC 10 is really something they don’t want to miss at all.

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