Huawei Nexus prototype leaked in photos

Huawei Nexus prototype leaked in photos

New photos of the upcoming Nexus 6 have been leaked by the famous leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer. The photos show a device built by the Chinese manufacturer Huawei and it is the first time we’ve seen a leak suggesting Google to partner with a Chinese company for its flagship, ‘pure Google’ device.

The pictures were published by Steve Hemmerstoffer on Twitter and show what looks to be a pre-release or prototype model of Huawei’s stock Android phone. Previous renders of the upcoming Nexus 6 suggested that the device will have its camera and dual LED flash housed inside a glass panel on the back presumably to avoid having a protruding camera.  As you can see from the picture below, the device will feature a fingerprint sensor on its back. From the picture we can also see a 5.7-inch QHD screen as well as a pair of front facing speakers and a selfie camera.

We think, is still too soon to get excited about the upcoming Nexus device, but with most of the leaks pointing in the same direction it looks like we are going to see a Huawei Nexus together with a smaller Nexus made by LG. 

huawei-nexus-6-proto-01 huawei-nexus-6-proto-02

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