iOS 10 Review: More fun and more functional

iOS 10 Review: More fun and more functional

iOS has been considered as the world’s most advanced mobile operating system since it made debut back in 2007. Apple’s iOS has shipped on over a billion iPhone units so far and over the years, millions of applications have been developed for Apple’s mobile operating system, giving it the upper hand over its rivals. This year, Apple released the latest iOS operating system, iOS 10 to the public. iOS 10 comes with tons of new features and security updates, making it the biggest iOS release ever.

You may be wondering whether iOS 10 is worth the upgrade right now. In this post, we will give an overview of the Apple’s latest iOS operating system, iOS 10. Here we go

  1. Lock screen

From the very first moment you have installed iOS 10, you will notice a couple of changes when you wake up your device. You may be wondering “Where is my iconic “Swipe to unlock” screen?” With the release of the iOS 10, Apple has some daring changes, and one of such change is the removal of the “Swipe to unlock”, the feature that we have grown accustomed to since the day one.



However, the sacrifice comes with a more functional lock screen. You now can do a lot more from your lock screen besides checking notifications. Apple has added two more new screens to its lock screen – swipe to the right to access widgets and swipe to the left to open Camera, giving users a much easier way to get access to the most important stuff on their device.

Besides, you can expand or contract widgets right from the lock screen by using the “Show More” and “Show less” buttons in the top right corner of the widget cards.


Control Center has been redesigned in iOS 10, as it becomes cleaner and more useful than ever. Control Center in iOS 10 is now divided into three distinct panes which include all toggles and shortcuts.

  1. Messages

With the release of iOS 10, Apple has revamped its Messages app, making it better to enhance your texting experience. iOS 10’s Messages app is not limited to sending messages and photos. You now can add effects to your texts (iMessage) – onfetti, balloons, fireworks or lasers. Besides, message bubbles are now flexible, as they can be made bigger or smaller, depending on the nature of what you are sending.


App Store is now available in the messaging thread, allowing you to add third-party apps and stickers. You can even access GIFs, send money and play chess right inside your conversation without leaving the app.


One of my favorite things is the ability to send hand-written messages or doodle on images. We also have Invisible Ink, which aims to hide messages until the receiver swipes them open.

There is also an icon for quick access to the Camera and Photos apps right next to the input field. Tapbacks are there too, allowing you to convey emotions to a specific message.

  1. Remove stock apps


This is definitively my favorite thing to do once I have installed iOS 10 on my device. Apple finally lets its users remove stock apps from their home screen. This time around, you can remove up to 23 Apple’s built-in apps that you don’t really care about including Stock, Tips, iBook and more.

In reality, the apps are still there, but hidden on your device, and only the user data is removed. This means that these apps still take up a small amount of your device’s storage. The change might not revolutionary, but it is still a biggie.

  1. Smarter Siri

With iOS 10, Apple’s virtual assistant is now smarter and more useable. iOS10 marks the first time Siri comes to Mac, but it is the same technology we have already seen on iPhone. The biggest change here is that Apple has finally opened Siri to developers, giving her the ability to interact with third-party applications. You now can do a lot more with Siri besides checking weather forecasts or making calls including the ability to send/ receive payments or book a ride.

  1. Apple Maps


Like Siri, Apple is now open to third-party apps. You now can make a reservation at your favorite restaurant or hire a taxi. Besides, Proative suggestions are now there, giving you recommendations on where you want to go and how to get there faster.

  1. Is iOS 10 worth the upgrade?

With tons of new features and changes, Apple’s iOS 10 gives users a solid reason to upgrade. A new lock screen, redesigned Messages app, smarter Siri, new Maps design and even much more, iOS 10 makes your iPhone or iPad better in every little detail.

If you have a supported device, what are you waiting for? Upgrade to iOS 10 right now.

Don’t forget to share with us your iOS 10 experience in the comments section below


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