iPad Mini 4 has Smaller Battery and 2GB RAM

iPad Mini 4 has Smaller Battery and 2GB RAM

Apple announced the updated iPad Mini 4 at its “Hey Siri” event but never revealed any details. Today, iFixit completed a teardown of the tablet, confirming that it has a smaller battery than the Mini 3. 

The teardown also revealed that the new Mini is powered by 2GB of RAM which is 1GB more than its predecessor. The iPad Mini 4 battery is  5,124 mAh while the iPad mini 3’s battery is 6,471 mAh.  Although the battery is smaller Apple claims that the new processor is more power efficient and thus the Mini 4 retains the same battery life as the iPad mini 3.

Finally, Apple has also made some design changes and managed to reduce the device’s thickness from 7.5 mm (iPad mini 3) to 6.1 mm (iPad mini 4). For instance, the FaceTime camera has slimmed down, the battery has shrunk, the LCD and front panel glass are fused together and antennas have been moved both to the top and bottom of the device.

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