iPad Mini 4 Rumored to Support Split View Multitasking

iPad Mini 4 Rumored to Support Split View Multitasking

Resource files in the upcoming OS X El Capitan give us an indication that the so called iPad mini 4 will support full Split View multitasking and this suggests its internal specs will be similar or identical to the iPad Air 2. The OS X El Capitan file was first located by developer Hamza Sood and 9to5Mac from the developers testing features of the Safari 9 browser.

The Responsive design mode allows developers to test different layouts in Safari 9 and also gives the ability to simulate a Split View layout on an iPad mini 3. As we already know the, current, iPad mini 3 does not support Split View and that offers further proof that the iPad mini 4 will likely use Split View multitasking.

Although, specs for the iPad mini 4 have not yet been confirmed the upcoming device need to have specs that match or exceed those of the iPad Air 2. The iPad Mini 4 is likely to feature an A8X or A9 processor together with 2GB of RAM. This will allow the device to multitask without any difficulty.



[Image credits:9to5Mac]


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