‘iPhone 6s’ material analysis show a stronger alloy

‘iPhone 6s’ material analysis show a stronger alloy

In April we heard the first rumors suggesting that the upcoming iPhone will use a 7000 series aluminium alloy. The 7000 aluminium is currently being used for the Apple Watch Sport and Apple is rumored to be using the same metal for is upcoming iPhone 6s. The new material will give extra strength to the upcoming device so Apple’s new flagship will not be as ‘easily’ bendable as is predecessor.

A just-published video from Unbox Therapy is showing, after an extensive analysis of the so called iPhone 6 body, that Apple is indeed planning to use 7000 series aluminium for the device. The test from  Unbox Therapy revealed that the so called iPhone 6s body will include roughly 5 percent zinc, which is in line with many 7000 Series alloys and not found in the iPhone 6 shell.

Unbox Therapy also committed a bending test using the iPhone 6 and 6s shells, finding that while the iPhone 6 shell began bending at roughly 30 pounds of pressure, the iPhone 6s shell withstood at least twice as much pressure before bending – nearly 80 pounds.

Apple is expected to announce its new flaships, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, at a media event on September 9. The company is expected to begin taking pre-orders a few days later and officially launch the new phone nine days later, on September 18.

The iPhone 6s will look identical to the iPhone 6 but with a number of hardware upgrades including anew and more powerful A9 processor, Force Touch support, 2 GB of RAM and more.



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