iPhone XC Comes With A High Price

iPhone XC Comes With A High Price

There is one day left Apple will officially introduce 2018-iPhone variants, including iPhone XC model. So, in this post today, we’ll talk about both the advantage and disadvantage of the upcoming iPhone XC.


There will be many new features coming in the new 2018 iPhone models. The recent information about the cheapest model and the news are not great.

A Chinese carrier has recently leaked the name of the iPhone 9 in a marketing presentation. It seems that it will be the iPhone XC model, remind us about the old iPhone 5C five years ago.


According to Goldman Sachs, the upcoming iPhone XC will cost $849, which is a pretty high increase over the rumored price at $699. An analyst from Goldman Sachs acknowledged that previous estimations were very conservative.

It’s disappointing news for Apple fans who are excited by what the iPhone XC offers and what seems to be a convenient price.


The iPhone XC would be a sudden raid in bringing the Apple quality at a more affordable phone segment. The phone is expected to feature a high-quality LCD screen, which is set to be on par with previous iterations of Retina panel. On the other hand, the XS series will flaunt an OLED screen. Powering the iPhone XC will be a modified A12 processor and of course, it will not be as powerful as the one equipped on its bigger brothers.

Apart from the modified Apple A12 chipset, the phone also packs with 3GB of RAM, which is enough for a non-flagship iPhone variant.  All the games on the App Store will not be able to make the iPhone XC difficult. You can play all of them at maximum settings. The upcoming iPhone XC will feature a 12MP sensor that takes advantage of the improved photography functions in iOS 12 version. In terms of battery, there will be a 2,700 mAh battery capacity inside the phone, which can offer enough juice for moderate use in a day.

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A glimpse of the future

Although the 2018 iPhones are officially released yet, rumors about the 2019 iPhone generations have already surfaced and it seems that Apple will do some bold changes.

According to a famous tech analyst, Apple is working on a new fingerprint display technology, but it might not be available for 2019 iPhone generations. A reason for this choice is that Face ID is currently considered as the best facial recognition technology and it has been welcomed by many users. Another reason is that FOD works better on the OLED display and a half functioning sensor on the upcoming iPhone XC along with the notch. Therefore, a cheap price would certainly affect revenue.

Samsung is reportedly working on a superior Face ID alternative and its 2019 Galaxy s10 will be equipped with a FOD sensor. It would put a lot of pressure on the statement of Apple that Face ID is more secure over Touch ID, since the focus on smartphone security is multi-modal.

In conclusion, we still have to wait to know how good the 2018 iPhones will be and there is only one day left Apple will leave a mark this year.

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