iPhoneimei.net iCloud Removal Review – Scam or Real?

iPhoneimei.net iCloud Removal Review – Scam or Real?

Way back in August 2016 I bought an iPhone off Craigslist off someone and was totally scammed. The seller must have found it in a club or something, because it was locked to someone else’s iCloud account and it was impossible to get access to the device, despite trying every sim card and getting signal, I could not get past the screen asking for the owners email address and password. I tried to get in touch with the seller but they were totally non-responsive (what a surprise!) – before purchase they had answered all my questions about the phone, the model number and the amount of ram etc, now they just ignored my emails, blocked me on whatsapp and even the landline number they had given was out of service. This obviously was never their device to begin with and they had made a quick buck out of my naivety.

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First of all, I called Apple to remove the iCloud lock. NO LUCK. They were simply not interested. They wanted to see an original invoice or proof of purchase, my screen-shotted WhatsApp conversation with the seller was not enough! (I wasn’t surprised in all honesty). They felt sorry for me admittedly in the store but you know, they told me it was a lesson learned. Be wary when buying second-hand goods off the net.

Undeterred, I turned to Google. You know, Google is Your Friend! I searched for iCloud Unlock Review and time and again iPhoneimei.net came out with positive comments (and a few negatives, we’ll get to that later).

Anyway, I decided to bite the bullet. I bought the service and 2 days later I received kind of what I was expecting – your iPhone was rejected for being lost and stolen. So my first thought was that by now I had been scammed twice. I was tempted to write a bad review but there was a link for “Premium” service which was for iPhones in situations like mine (lost mode) so I paid the extra 40 bucks as by this point I was 200 bucks down on the phone, and 40 bucks down on the icloud unlock. Surely I couldn’t be a victim of a scam again??

Within 24 hours (as promised!) they came back to me to say that the iCloud account had been removed from the device. Sure enough, I turned it off and then back on again and lo and behold – it now asked me to begin the setup process!! I was over the moon. I soon forgot about that craigslist b*stard, and I’m happy blogging this away on my new (second hand) iPhone 7.

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  1. sara
    Reply March 01, 15:43 #1 sara

    Hello good, could know what the premium site that you wear and suksukses remove the account from your iphone icloud ..? Thanks

  2. chris
    Reply August 04, 02:29 #2 chris

    Hi there, Hope you are doing great. First of all i am glad that your iCloud lock was removed. I have a small problem, i was scammed when i bought an iPhone off ebay. I tried iPhoneimei.net but they said my device is lost/stolen. I have to wait for premium service. It would be really helpful if you please send me the link to that premium service. I would really appreciate that.

  3. Naam
    Reply September 23, 10:05 #3 Naam

    Did you get the premium link instantly?
    could you send me that premium link as well.
    I received the same message from them while unlocking icloud but not with instant premium link.

  4. kimmo
    Reply February 05, 19:04 #4 kimmo

    hey ! i se it worked for you however I am having the same problem as you did could you please forward me the premium service link . would appreciate that bud ! and oh great that you can finally use that iphone 😉

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