Is this the best iPhone 6s battery case?

Is this the best iPhone 6s battery case?

For the past two weeks I have been using the Kuke Ultra Slim Battery Case. This is the slimmest and slickest battery case in the market. The battery case is currently available with a 2400mAh battery, which is more than enough to get you through the day.

Let me start with explain how I found this company. I was in the market for a small and discreet battery case for my iPhone 6s. I couldn’t find anything that it was actually well designed. Most people are using either a Mophie or a Belkin battery case but these cases make the iPhone much taller and thicker than it actually is. Additionally, most of these cases require a microUSB wire for charging and a jack extension so you can properly use your headphones. Personally, I didn’t want to carry an extra microUSB cable with me or even a jack extension.

So I kept looking for something that will require less effort and at the same time, if it was possible to use my lightning wire for charging it. Finally, I found Kuke. The company offers the Ultra Slim Battery Case in either Black, White or Rose Gold with prices starting at just £29.99 (much cheaper than Mophie or Belkin).

The best features of this battery case are: the fact that it does not make your phone taller and the fact that you can charge the phone and case with a lightning wire – which is a first. The company uses a patented design that allows the case to attach on your phone without a jaw and thus the case has the size of a normal iPhone 6s case. Additionally, the case is made out of high quality materials and is the only battery case that allows you to just plug your headphones on without requiring a jack wire extension

From my perspective this is the best case for your iPhone and, I think, is must-have for every iPhone 6 and 6s owner. For more information on the case please click here.



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