LG has a new hexagonal battery for long-lasting smartwatches

by Jonathan Cronk | June 29, 2015 9:00 PM

Wearable and especially smartwatches are getting more and more popular. One of the main ‘problems’ with them is the battery life. -Pebble is the exception-

LG just started shipping[1] a hexagonal battery that claims to deliver 25 percent more capacity in circular smartwatches. Normally, in circular smartwatches, with rectangular batteries, a lot of space goes to waste.  Theoretically you are getting another four hours of juice, or enough to make it through a long night without going to a low-power mode. LG isn’t naming customers, but it’s safe to say that LG’s next circular smartwatch will last a bit longer that the current Moto 360. It is, also, rumoured that LG is planning more unusually shaped batteries that will extend the running time of gadgets without sacrificing on their look and feel.


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Source URL: https://technorumors.com/lg-has-a-new-hexagonal-battery-for-long-lasting-smartwatches/