How to limit purchases of your child in Fortnite on Android 

How to limit purchases of your child in Fortnite on Android 

Epic Games decided not to bring Fortnite on Google Play Store like other Android games and the beta is already in full-swing. If your child is playing Fortnite on their Android device, its full release is great news. However, as a parent, you can miss out on the parental controls coming with Google Play.

Children can make unauthorized purchases in Fortnite game, and playing the game on Android will be even difficult to stop them. If you are worried about it, here is how to curb unwanted purchases on Fortnite for Android from your child.

No parental controls


Unlike other systems, like iOS or PS4, you cannot find any parental controls on Fortnite for Android. That is because these systems have built-in parental controls feature to stop unexpected purchases across all games, but as Fortnite is not available on the Google Play store for Android, it relies on Epic Games provider. Unfortunately, until now parental spending controls are not available for Fortnite in Android.

Purchases can easily be made in Fortnite on Android devices using a credit card or PayPal. If your child is playing the game on the device that does not include any card information, you no need to worry. However, if the child is playing the game on your phone that can access any of that information, which can make a purchase on the Epic Games account on the game, you should be very careful.

Check Epic Games account


If your card or PayPal account is attached to the Fortnite account that your child is playing on, you should remove that information. To do this, go to the account page from the Epic Games website and then click on Payments section on the left side and all your saved payment methods will be there. Simply click on the trash can icon to remove any payment method, then press Confirm button on the screen. The payment method will immediately be deleted from your account.

You can also do this at any time in case you accidentally add a card that you want to remove it. Since Epic Games can track payment information across multiple systems, so if you use the same account on other platforms to play the game, you can remove it and your payment information will not be used on Android.

Make only one-time purchases

If you want in-game purchase without saving your information, then you will have to pay by card. From the payment screen, and after entering your credit card information, you will see a “Save card for future use” checkbox. So, ensure to uncheck the box every time you purchase something in the game. Doing so will also force it to ask for your card again. The next time you make a purchase, your child will not be able to use your saved card to purchase unexpected things.

If you use a PayPal account, you should note that it does not come with this option and is directly linked to your account. You need to manually go to the Epic Games site and delete it. So, you’d better not link a PayPal account if your child is playing Fortnite on your device.

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Delete card information from Google’s saved cards

Another thing you should note is Google Pay. If your card information is saved in Google payments, Fortnite will automatically pull it to fill in card information when you purchase something in Fortnite. To prevent Google from doing so, so you need to visit the Google Pay website. From there, click on Payment Methods, choose “Remove” under any cards. Next, tap on “Remove” again when you see the dialogue box popping up on the screen.

Those who are using a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can download the game through the Game Launcher and purchases will be available in Samsung In-App Purchases. You will also go to Samsung’s payment hub and delete saved cards if the card information is being pulled from their system.

Recheck Information

If you worry that you might have saved card information that a child could use it to purchase something in Fortnite without your permission, you should check purchases yourself. All you need is to open the Shop in the game and try to make a purchase. If you are prompted to enter the information, then it means your child cannot make a purchase unless they have access to your credit card information. If the information is saved and you see it is automatically filled in, then removing your card from Epic Games or unlink PayPal account is important.

Get a refund

If none of the above methods helps you and your child can still make a purchase without your permission, you can also request for a refund if you use a Galaxy device. Refunds for Samsung devices will require you to contact the customer support. Unfortunately, at present, you cannot request a refund if you are using a non-Galaxy phone.


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