Londoner launches crowdfunding campaign to help Greece

Londoner launches crowdfunding campaign to help Greece

If you live in Europe you will have surely heard of the ongoing negotiations between Greece and its creditors that has led to an in/out referendum on Greece’s membership in the EU.

The country needs to pay €1.6 billion euros to its creditors by Tuesday night.

Stories surrounding the countries debt have been all over the worldwide headlines and even the suggestion that Apple should buy it has been mentioned. Apple CEO Tim Cook has replied to the suggestions saying that Apple is not in the market of buying a country.

Another idea (and action that has been taken) by Londoner Thom Feeney, is that if everyone in the European Union, chipped in a few euros then the payment would be covered.

On the BBC website, it states that if everyone in the EU (approx €503 million people) minus the population of Greece donated €3.25 then Tuesdays payment would be covered but to cover Greece’s debt in full… each member of the EU would need to donate €550.

Here are the perks you gain if you donate:

If you give a three euro contribution however, you will get a postcard of Alex Tsipras (the Greek Prime Minister).

Donate €6 and you will receive a Greek Feta and Olive Salad.

If you donate 10 you can have a bottle of Ouzo.

  • A €25 donation will mean you have some Greek wine.
  • A €160 donation gets you a Greek Food Basket.
  • A greek holiday for 2 can be secured with a €5000 donation.

The website also states that for a €1,000,000 donation you are a super rich kind hearted person and although you wont get anything more than the aforementioned perks, you will receive a lot of gratitude from citizens of Europe.

This is one example of how technology has changed the world we live in and how one man with a computer can do a lot of good.

Though it might seem unlikely to pay of the creditors demands by Tuesday, the fund has been incredibly popular already raising over €1.7 millions. In fact, the website is even having technical problems right now due to its “astonishing popularity”.

We love this idea and if you want to donate to the cause visit their crowdfunding page here. Let us know what you think!

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