Make yourself look better with Microsoft Selfie app now

Make yourself look better with Microsoft Selfie app now

Microsoft Selfie is a great selfie and photo-enhancement app that debuted on the Apple App Store in December 2015. The app is finally available for Android after 11 months of waiting. As its name suggests, Microsoft Selfie allows you to modify and edit your selfies. Besides, the app also lets you take a photo with your Android phone’s camera and make your photo even better.


According to Microsoft, the app uses algorithms and various data including age, gender, skin tone and lighting to automatically beautify the photos with just a simple tap of the finger. Microsoft Selfie also brings in twelve filters that you can use to make some changes to your photos. Apart from the photos taken with your phone’s camera, the app works perfectly with any image stored in your camera.

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Microsoft Selfie also allows you to edit your selfies via your computer, so all you have to do is to launch your web browser on your computer and point it to the following URL However, the Selfie website offers very few customization options to make your selfies look better.  Besides, you will not be able to crop, or change the filter applied to your image on the website.

Previously, Microsoft Selfie was first released for iOS last year. The app has received mostly positive reviews from users. Like Lumia Selfie, which is exclusive to Lumia devices, Microsoft Selfie lets iOS users edit self-portraits taken with their iPhone or stored in the Camera app. Besides, the app also includes the ability to remove noise from photos, while enhancing exposure and colors.

Microsoft Selfie is now free in the Google Play Store. If you are using an Android phone, make sure that you check out the new app despite the fact that Android has plenty of apps that allow you to enhance selfies.

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