MasterCard will approve your purchases with a selfie

MasterCard will approve your purchases with a selfie

MasterCard announced that is testing a prototype app that increases the security to its credit cards by adding a layer of biometric security. The company stated that is planning to use your face as a passcode. You will simply need to take a selfie and the system will create an electronic map of your face then convert that map into a code and compare it to the one stored on Mastercard’s servers.

Users will be able to pay using a mobile app and the payment will be approved by a selfie but also the app will require that a blink. The blink will be used to prevent someone from just holding up a picture of you to get access to the system. “They’re storing an algorithm, and not a picture of you,” Phillip Dunkelberger, who runs Nok Nok Labs, told CNN Money. “And I’m sure they’re doing the appropriate stuff to guard it” he stated.

MasterCard will bring this app to Android, iOS, Microsoft and Blackberry and it could be available early 2016. What do you think? Would you pay using your face?

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