Meerkat gets Facebook support

Meerkat gets Facebook support

Meerkat is trying to distance itself from Twitter after Twitter’s acquisition of Periscope. Thanks to an update of the iOS app released this weekend, the Meerkat finally works with Facebook. That means that you can now use your Facebook login and sing up to Meerkat and you can also publish Meerkat alerts directly to Facebook. The update also introduces address book matching, so you can build a network of friends on the service just by letting the app take a look at your contacts.

Meerkat is clearly trying to gain some popularity that Twitter’s Periscope has ‘stolen’. In March, at the peak of Meerkat’s popularity, Twitter decided to cut Meerkat off from its social graph.  The social graph allowed Meerkat to connect friends merely by taking a look at your followers and connections on Twitter.

There are two other minor features added in the latest iOS update. The most popular streams will now get promoted to the front page of the app together with a ‘special’ rocket meerkat. The second minor feature is emoji support. You can now use an emoji to express yourself and by doing so our profile picture briefly switch to whichever emoji you selected.

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