Meet Samsung’s SleepSense tracker

Meet Samsung’s SleepSense tracker

Samsung has just unveiled its first sleep tracking device, the SleepSense. 

Most of the current sleep trackers require you to wear something on your wrist but Samsung thinks this is not such a good idea. Instead you just need to slip the flat, disk-like device under your mattress and you are good to go to sleep. The device will monitor your heart rate, breathing and movement during sleep with a claimed ‘97% accuracy’. All the information are then transmitted to a smartphone app, through Bluetooth, which gives you an “individual sleep score” based on seven factors, including sleep time, the number of times you woke up and the percentage of REM sleep.

Samsung’s SleepSense app will be able to provide you with “expert advice” from a Harvard sleep expert on how to improve your sleeping by changing nutrition and doing some exercise. Because the device recognises when you are asleep, it can turn of lights, the TV and lower the air conditioning – thats what I call smart device!

The SleepSense is launching in Korea later this year, but Samsung has yet to reveal anything regarding a possible US or European launch.

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