Microsofts new holographic headset responds to the users stress levels

Microsofts new holographic headset responds to the users stress levels

Microsoft, which was first announced its Holographic Reality Headset (HoloLens) in January, is thought to be exploring ways to make the headset react to users stress levels.

The details of this plan have been described in its US patent application.

It would be using the wearer’s sweat production, brainwaves, heart rate and other signals to conclude when to intervene and offer the wearer help.

One given was example, is that the user is assembling a piece of flat pack furniture. The user gets stressed and the headset could use recognition software to detect what the user is doing. It would then show a step by step video over the actual flatpack furniture to show the wearer which bit slots where.

The device, which has not been released yet, is designed to superimpose computer graphics over a user’s view of their surroundings and environment to offer a mixed reality experience.

I have seen some articles claiming that experts say it could be a lot more annoying than it could be useful.

Microsoft has suggested that this technology has the potential to provide a more “immersive” alternative to the mouses and monitors that we have all become used to.

As of yet Microsoft has not given HoloLens a release date.

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