Mobile World Congress 2018: What we expect from big phone names

Mobile World Congress 2018: What we expect from big phone names

We are now more than one month away from Mobile World Congress 2018, the world’s biggest show for the mobile industry where big names show off their highly anticipated smartphones. Last year, we saw the unpacking of a crate-load of phones like LG G6, Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Moto G5 and Nokia 6.

At this year’s event, we are expecting to see the unveiling of flagship phones from big tech giants and the return of Blackberry. This article gives you a glimpse of what we expect to see at this year’s Mobile World Congress. For some background, Mobile World Congress 2018 will start on 26 February and run through 1 March in Barcelona. Make sure that you keep up with the latest news.

  1. BlackBerry

Long time are the days when BlackBerry phones with QWERY keyboard dominated the market. Last year, the Canadian company announced that they would stop making its phones and reached a deal with TCL, Chinese electronics manufacturer. The agreement sees the Chinese firm design and produce phones for BlackBerry.

Last week, the Canadian company confirmed that they would launch two new phones this year. However, BlackBerry did not give us details about its upcoming phones. Tech experts say that two new BlackBerry phones will run Android on board and belong to mid-range segment. Back in 2016, BlackBerry’s Android-based phones, the KeyOne and Motion received mostly positive reviews from users and tech experts worldwide, paying the way for upcoming phones at this year’s event.

  1. Google

Google is expanding its business, showing the world that the company is more than just search engine and advertisements. At this year’s Mobile World Congress, we are expecting to see a lot of news things Google has been working on for months. Most importantly, the Assistant, Google’s own virtual helper, is believed to get new features and improvements.

Rumors say that Google will unveil smart displays at the event, with support for Google Assistant. This means that users will be able to adjust the brightness level or change resolution using their voice command. Sources also claim that Google will announce Google Assistant compatible headphones at this year’s event.

  1. HTC

HTC is having hard time selling its smartphones. The Taiwanese company has been working hard to reclaim its lost ground. Earlier this week, HTC officially announced the U11 EYEs, a variant of the U11 following months of rumors. The U11 EYEs is specifically designed for those who love taking selfies with their phones. At this year’s event, we are expecting to see the unpacking of the highly-anticipated U12. However, rumors claim that the U12 is still in the works and the company needs more time to make sure everything runs smoothly at launch.

  1. Huawei

The Chinese firm took the center stage at last year’s event, showing off a lot of new things like Huawei P10, Huawei P10 Plus and Huawei smartwatch. This year, rumors say that Huawei will use the event to unveil the Huawei P20.

In reality, rumors have been floating about for the P20 for months. Last year, sources claimed that Huawei would introduce a new smartphone called the P20, with premium components and high price tag.

  1. LG

The South Korean company likes launching its new phones at Mobile World Congress. Last year, LG unveiled its highly-anticipated flagship phone, the G6. So, we are expecting to see the unpacking of the G7 at the event this year. There are no details on the device’s specs and design. However, tech experts say that the device will feature bezel-less design and premium specs.

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