Mophie’s iPhone battery case is waterproof

Mophie’s iPhone battery case is waterproof

Anyone with a Mophie case, knows that it is a company with an edge. Their cases are popular for adding some extra time to your mobiles battery life, and for storage options, and now it seems to offer protection from water damage too.

This would make a big difference in my friends life, who is now on the fifth phone that they have dropped down the toilet.

The H2PRO accessory has an extra 2750 mAh battery as well as the all new water proof feature. Its design also protects the handset from dirt while keeping easy access to the side volume controls and mute button.

Worried about your fingerprint scanner? Touch ID will still be accessible, even while the membrane that covers the screen is scratch resistant.

Another funky feature is the priority charging technology which ensures you’re phone gets charged before the case, when its on charge.

They sound amazing right? What about the price tag?

The Morphie H2PRO is available on pre order right now and is retailing at $130, due to ship at the end of the month. This is great for iPhone 6 users but as of yet there is not mention of an iPhone 6 Plus option.


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