Motorola’s upcoming smartwatch might come in two sizes

Motorola’s upcoming smartwatch might come in two sizes

Moto 360, Motorola’s current smartwatch, is one of the most stylish smart-watches out there, but even on my wrist it looks a bit… big. Motorola seems that has been taking notes to make Moto 360 successor look good an any wrist. Documents filed with Brazil’s Anatel telecommunications agency reveal two new smartwatches with model number ”360S’ and ”360L”. With that in mind it would make sense if the letter S and L indicates that the new device will come in two different sizes. The report also suggests that the two devices will feature a 270 mAh and 375 mAh batteries respectively.

This comes as no surprise as the best selling Apple Watch comes in two sizes since launch, 38mm and 42mm. Motorola has already launched a new line of phones so we believe it won’s be long before the announcement of Motorola’s new smartwatch.


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    Nice smartwatch! Great Picture! Keep up the good work!

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