New app launched to help ‘Generation Renters’ split bills and do away with awkward IOU’s

New app launched to help ‘Generation Renters’ split bills and do away with awkward IOU’s

There’s nothing worse than being the one in charge of the bills. It is a forever cycle of sending awkward reminders to flatmates, followed by an almighty bill, followed by a flurry of stern reminders and eventually the threat to ‘Unfriend’. A thankless and painful task which unfortunately, due to sky-high house prices, is not going anywhere anytime soon.

With a record number of young professionals now living in shared accommodation ‘Generation Renters’ are in desperate need of something to sweeten this bitter (b/p)ill. CueSplittable  a new website and app that has launched this week which allows you to track household costs, expenses and share responsibilities.

The app – which is available on Android and iOS – works by providing housemates with a simple and hassle free visual representation of household expenditures – from rent and utilities, to groceries and nights out. Housesharers can invite their fellow housemates via email, a Facebook message or a WhatsApp message. The ‘All Squared Meter’ also handily shows everything that’s owed at a glance.

Splittable is a download must to help you say goodbye to those awkward money conversations and passive aggressive blackboard notes. Anything for a more harmonious home life!

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