Oculus Rift not working? Here is how to fix

Oculus Rift not working? Here is how to fix

The Oculus Rift VR has been available on the market for over a year. The headset marks Facebook’s first step in the VR business where Google, HTC, and Samsung are now in intense competition. The Oculus Rift has its own ground on the market, thanks to its exciting features and skills. However, that does not mean that everything runs smoothly all the time.

A number of Oculus Rift owners reported that their VR headset stopped working for no reason. Oculus was fully aware of the issue and then confirmed that the company was working on a fix. If you are still experiencing the problem, then there is a simple workaround for dealing with Oculus Rift VR not working. Before we proceed, let’s take a deep look into the reason why your VR headset stops working.

Why your Oculus Rift VR stopped working?

Oculus confirmed that the problem was due to an expired security certificate and recommended owners use the software from the Oculus only. The company later claimed that it was working on a fix that would come in upcoming updates.

Last week, Oculus officially addressed the issue. The coolest part is that affected users will get a $15 Oculus Store credit as an apology. If you are still dealing with issue, then follow our steps below.

How to fix Oculus Rift not working issue

Before proceeding with our step-by-step instructions, make sure you now have the Oculus app installed on your computer.

Step one: Fire up your web browser and then download Oculus Rift Patch. Once you are in, simply hit Download Install Patch button and wait for the download to complete

Step two: Once done, double-click OculusPatchMarch2018.exe (If the patch fails to open, then temporarily disable your antivirus program)

Step three: Hit the Repair button and confirm your action. After that, allow the repair process to run and wait for the process to finish. Once done, launch the Oculus app and then update your app to fix the problem.

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If you have got any issues during the process, then make sure you let us know in the comments below.

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