OnePlus 2 teardown shows easily replaceable components

by Jonathan Cronk | August 14, 2015 11:15 AM

iFixit[1] has taken the OnePlus 2 apart like they usually do with many, many other gadgets, so they can examine the inner part of all devices and.. fix them!  The new device seems to be more repairable than its predecessor the OnePlus 1. Many of the its major components are modular and that means that can be very easily swapped with a new one.  I don’t think you will try to fixit yourself but is just good to have an idea if you are planning to buy the so called ‘flagship killer’ of 2016.

In order to buy the ‘flagship killer’ you will need to have an invitation, and if you live in North America don’t expect to get your hand on the OnePlus 2 anytime soon!


[Image credit: iFixit]

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