Project Fi: Google’s mobile carrier plans revealed in leaked Android app

Project Fi: Google’s mobile carrier plans revealed in leaked Android app

Android Police has unearthed Nexus 6 firmware with an app for Project Fi, which appears to be the codename for Google’s wireless service. The leak suggests a very different approach to mobile data than you’re probably used to. You’d pay only for the gigabytes you expect to use, and you’d get credit back if you don’t use as much as planned. In the event that you exceed that amount, you are charged the same flat rate for each additional gigabyte. There appear to be no artificially hiked up overage fees.

Switch Phones With The Press Of A Button

There are many people that have a secondary phone these days and Google has been thinking about that. It seems that Project Fi will support switching a user’s primary device from one phone to another, which reroutes all calls and text messages.

Usage Tracking For Ads

Google will more than likely track your calls, so that they can later issue you ads based on those calls. Basically they will need to know what kind of store you are usually calling so they can give you more targeted advertisements.

The leak suggests that Google’s network will be limited to Nexus 6 devices-hope you like big phones. It’s still not clear when Project Fi (or whatever it might be called) will arrive.

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