PSA: A malicious file that might crash the Messages App in iPhone

PSA: A malicious file that might crash the Messages App in iPhone

Last year, a bug was discovered in iOS 9 that could permanently crash the Messages app on your iPhone and caused your device to continuously reboot. It appears that the problem still persists in iOS 10 this year. Accordingly, the issue involves a malicious video link that has been sent to someone over iMessage which can crash the Messages app and render it unresponsive when you attempt to open it.


In reality, users can switch to multitasking app interface to force quit the Messages app, but it will be presented with a white screen of death when you try to re-launch the app on your iPhone, and it will sit there before it crashes once again.

There were several fixes ranging from hard reboot to turning off/on your device, so we recommend that you do not tap on any file from people you don’t know or you don’t trust or do not try to open it.

As noted earlier, last year, a malicious video link was discovered which can cause your iPhone or iPad to freeze or crash. Whenever you click on that link, your device slowly becomes unresponsive and is finally rendering useless. The best shot for dealing with the issue was to hard reboot. However, iOS is not the only platform touched by the issue. The malicious file also affects selected Android devices and causes the Contact apps in Windows 10 to crash.

A number of bugs have been discovered in iOS for several years that could brick your device. Earlier this year, inputting a date on your iPhone could potentially brick your device. Accordingly, if you set your iPhone’s clock to January 1, 1970, your iPhone would be locked and render useless after a reboot. The bug affected all iOS versions running iOS 8 or newer and the only fix was to bring the device to a nearby Apple Store.

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