Razer phone: Features and settings

Razer phone: Features and settings

The Razer phone has been on everyone’s lips since the launch day. The phone marks Razer’s first step into the smartphone market and puts the American company in contention with big brands out there like Samsung, Apple, and Sony.

Razer’s first ever Android-based smartphone is specifically built for gamers, but there are a lot more things you can do with your device. To help you get the most out of the Razer phone, we have compiled a list of the best features and settings.

For some background, the Razer phone is now available in select markets for $699 SIM-free. According to Razer, the new phone will not hit India this year. Instead, the American company is expected to bring the phone to Australia.

  1. Fingerprints

Fingerprint scanner has become the standard feature on every top-tier smartphone. With Razer phone, users can set up multiple fingerprints. Normally, you place your thumb on the scanner to unlock your device, but this may be a little bit struggling if you pick up your device with your left hand.

Fortunately, Razer allows you to add more fingerprints. This means that you can register other fingers to unlock your device. If you are left-handed, it’s best to set up the left index finger. To do this, launch Settings > Security > Fingerprint > Add fingerprint.

  1. Select your display refresh rate

The Razer phone is the world’s first smartphone to boast a 120Hz variable refresh rate. This results in smoother scrolling and better animations. If you dive into the settings, you will be happy to know that you can select the refresh rate that fits your needs (Razer offers three refresh rate options, including 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz). To change the refresh rate on your Razer phone, head to Settings > Display > Refresh rate.

  1. Double tap to wake

Double tap to wake is not something new out there, as it has been around in Android for years. Razer follows in the footsteps of big brands like Samsung and Sony and makes the feature an essential part of the device. All you need to do is double tap the screen when your device’s screen is black. To turn on Double Tap to Wake, head to Settings > Display and turn on the switch for Tap to Wake and Ambient Display.

  1. Game booster

The Razer phone is built for gamers, so there’s no doubt that it includes some gaming features. One such feature is Game Booster. In short, Game Booster allows users to adjust the frame rate and resolution for their favorite games. All you need to do is open Game Booster and it will automatically find the games on your device. Game Booster also lets you customize the CPU speed and turn on/off anti-aliasing for your games.

  1. Night Light

Night Light is a great feature on the Razer phone. Basically, it turns your device’s screen into a warmer hue for easier nighttime reading. The coolest part is that you now can customize the schedule for Night Light on your Razer phone. To do this, open Settings > Display > Night Light. After that, select “Turn On Automatically” and hit “Custom Schedule”.

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