Removing Apple’s stockapps? Here are some things you should know

Removing Apple’s stockapps? Here are some things you should know

In the iOS 10 version, the total number of stock apps that Apple installed on the iPhone is up to 32. Besides important applications as Settings, Phone, Messages, or App Store, there are also applications that users may never use.

However, on iOS 10, Apple allows you to delete 23 stock apps on your iPhone /iPad/ iPod Touch. In this article, we will show you some things you should know when deleting a stock app.

List of removable stock apps on iOS 10:


Thus, the list above includes the important iOS apps and unnecessary apps. However, deleting apps such as Mail or Calendar can lose some functions or cause some problems for your device, so you should consider carefully before removing any applications.


How to remove an application

Apple’s built-in -apps are not completely removed from your iOS device. You are just hiding the icon and deleting all personal information and settings of the apps. According to Apple, all of their apps only use up 150 MB of storage on your device, so there is no need to free up space by deleting stock apps.


Deleting an app is the same process as any other apps, you simply press and hold down the app icon you want to delete until you see it jiggle, then an ‘X’ icon appears in the left corner, tap on the X to delete.


Side effects when removing the stock apps

Currently, Apple does not provide a means to set up third party apps as the stock app. This means that if you remove the Mail app and use Outlook or Gmail, it will lose functionality when using Siri.

For example, you will not be able to order: “Siri, send an email” because Siri will prompt you to reinstall the Mail app. A similar message will show up when you type in a certain email address.


However, some third-party apps can still work well on Siri after deleting the stock app. For example, you have deleted the Calendar app, but you can still use Siri to add appointments to your calendar or view entries with Fantastical 2 app.


Although Siri still works, you will lose the ability to tap on a date in email or text message or view your calendar for schedules. Deleting a stock app will remove the associated widgets and Apple Watch apps. Moreover, deleting apps like Podcasts and Music will also remove apps from a car via CarPlay.


Reinstall the Apple application


To bring a deleted Apple app back to your device, you just go to the App Store and search for it in the search box, tap on the download button to restore an Apple app. This process will be faster than usual because the app is never deleted from your device; tapping on the download button simply reactivates it. However, you will have to go back into the Settings and adjust the app’s setting you want. For example, once reinstalled Mail, you need to reset the signatures and the viewing preferences.


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