Researchers are trying to reduce VR sickness

Researchers are trying to reduce VR sickness

Virtual reality is getting more and more popular but it can sometimes make you feel dizzy. Researchers at Stanford University are trying to give a solution to that problem. Virtual reality devices can cause  nausea because of the “flat” 3D images they produce. The fact that these images don’t contain any depth information, your eyes cannot focus on near and far objects like you would in real life.

Stanford researchers found a clever way to make your eyes focus inside a VR device. Their solution is to use the same principal as a “light-field” camera, but in reverse, they built a headset that has transparent LCD panels stacked in layers, which each layer representing a light field with the correct depth information. As you can see in the video below this technology helps your eyes focus on near and far objects, as you would normally do.

According to this paper this technology is possible but is far from perfect. The technology will require tha VR display to be brighter and have more resolution, than normal,in order to reduce artifacts like diffraction. The idea behind this technology is impressive and resolves a main problem from using VRs, lets hope it will be available to the public in the near future.

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