Samsung Galaxy S7 to feature holographic display

Samsung Galaxy S7 to feature holographic display

Samsung is rumored to be working on a holographic display for its next flagship device, the Galaxy S7.

The Korean tech giant has a patent pending for a revolutionary smartphone screen that will be capable of displaying objects in mid-air, holographically. The display will be capable of displaying icons rather than pictures or entire movies.

From picture, submitted by Samsung, it looks like the phone will work in conjunction with a special case where one section of the case helps to create 3D images with light.

This is all just a patent which could mean that Samsung is testing the revolutionary 3D screen and this technology might not go into production anytime soon. The rumor suggests that the patent was filed back in the second half of 2014.

Would you buy a Galaxy S7 with a holographic display?

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  1. pradeep
    Reply August 13, 20:24 #1 pradeep

    hi, Nicolas
    i am damm excited to see Galaxy s7 now..when it is releasing.?

    • Nicolas Charalambous
      Reply October 07, 19:14 Nicolas Charalambous Author

      hello! The Galaxy S7 is expected to be announced in the first quarter of 2016!

  2. Ankila
    Reply February 28, 11:45 #2 Ankila

    I am more excited for Galaxy note 6 now. I will change my phone to that beast now only. I just wish it has removable battery.

  3. Allii Allee
    Reply March 14, 17:29 #3 Allii Allee

    and what about note 6 as S7 has been released officially
    Would you think we will still see a removable battery in note 6?

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