Samsung Gear S4: Everything we know so far

Samsung Gear S4: Everything we know so far

Samsung’s Gear smartwatches are among the best wearable devices on the market. Samsung Gear S3 has been a great success so far since the launch day, with millions of units sold worldwide. The South Korean firm is now preparing for the release of the Gear S4 this year.

Rumors regarding Samsung’s next generation Gear smartwatch have been floating around for months, hinting at the impressive features and skills coming into the wearable. Tech experts say that the upcoming Gear S4 will be Samsung’s ultimate weapon to beat out the next-gen Apple Watch which is set for September release.

In the section below, we are going to show you a preview of what’s coming into Samsung’s upcoming wearable device. Let’s see if the device might be worth our time this year.

  1. Design and hardware

If you are looking for a Gear smartwatch with an overhauled design, then there might not be something new here. The Gear smartwatch has not seen a major design change for years, as Samsung retains its own design language. That means that we still have stainless steel, aluminum body and physical buttons.

Some reliable sources claim that the Gear S4 might feature sapphire, something we find in luxury smartwatches. However, tech experts say that Samsung’s adoption of sapphire might see a huge increase in price, making it one of the most expensive smartwatches on the market. Rumors say that Samsung might be working on a luxury Gear smartwatch with sapphire body to target premium segment. However, Samsung needs more time to build the device and make sure everything runs smoothly.

In terms of display, the upcoming Gear S4 is expected to feature a bezel-less Infinity display, just like Samsung’s flagship phones. If this is the case, the Gear S4 will be the first smartwatch to come with an edge to edge display. Besides, Samsung will stick with OLED panels for its smartwatches this year, offering less power consumption and more details.

Under the hood, the next gen Gear smartwatch will be fueled by Samsung’s own chip, Exynos 7270, offering a much-improved performance and more features. However, it remains unclear about the RAM and storage space.

  1. Connectivity and battery life

Samsung smartwatches are pretty reliable when it comes to battery life. The Gear S3 Classic and Frontier included 380mAh batteries, offering enough power to handle your daily tasks. Rumors say that the Gear S4 will come with larger battery than its previous models, thus giving you more time to enjoy your music and track your calories burned. Tech experts say that the adoption of new chip will allow the device to last longer.

In terms of connectivity, the Gear S4 will retain the LTE connectivity from the S3, which means that you can insert a sim card into your watch and receive phone calls. This comes in handy as it eliminates the need for a smartphone nearby. Other connectivity options include Wi-Fi. Bluetooth, MST for Samsung Pay.

  1. Features and software

Samsung’s Gear smartwatches are best known for their exciting health features. The upcoming Gear S4 will continue that trend. Rumor say that the Gear S4 will come with better integration with Samsung Health, allowing users to track their daily activities like sleeping, workouts, and swimming.

Sources say that users will be able to measure blood pressure using their smartwatch. Earlier this year, Samsung filed a patent application for blood measuring capability. In reality, blood pressure measurement is not something new, as it has been available in the S9 and S9 Plus for a while. Besides, the upcoming Gear S4 will also feature sleep tracking functionality, but it will be much enhanced, allowing you to better control your sleep.

In terms of software, the smartwatch will run Samsung’s own Tizen OS. The South Korean firm has been working on improving its own smartwatch OS since the launch day in an attempt to reduce its dependence on Google’s Android.

  1. Release date and price

Rumors say that Samsung will announce the Gear S4 at this year’s IFA Show in Berlin which will start on August 31. Back in 2016, Samsung unveiled the Gear S3 at the event, followed by the Gear S3 LTE edition in March 2017.

Tech experts say that the Gear S4 will take center stage at this year’s show. Samsung will also unveil a lot of software initiatives at event for its smartwatches. Rumors say that the Gear S4 will work perfectly with the upcoming Note 9 which is set for August release. The new Gear S4 is expected to work with Apple iOS, meaning that iPhone and iPad owners will be able to connect their device to Samsung’s watch and receive phone calls.

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