Samsung reportedly announces Note 7 fire cause on January 23

Samsung reportedly announces Note 7 fire cause on January 23

Galaxy Note 7 was once Samsung’s strategic move to directly compete with Apple iPhone 7 last year. In reality, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 brought in significant updates and major improvements over its predecessor, Galaxy Note 5 including IP68 water resistance, a dual-sided curved display, an iris recognition system and an enhanced stylus.

However, Galaxy Note 7 is perhaps the biggest failure Samsung’s ever experienced in its history when its highly-anticipated smartphone began catching fire after millions units were sold worldwide. The incident led to a worldwide recall of the device before it was officially discontinued. Samsung has been investigating the cause of the fires since then and is expected to arrive at a conclusion this year.


According to sources, the South Korean smartphone maker will announce the results of the investigation on January 23, only a day ahead of Samsung’s official Q4/2016 earnings announcement. Last month, sources said that the phone’s design was the main cause of the fire, as the gap between the body and the battery was nowhere to be found inside the device.

Reuter says that hardware design and software-related issues were not to blame, so Samsung is highly expected to reveal what exactly caused the device to burst into flames. Galaxy Note 7 fiasco costs Samsung $5.2 billion in operating profits and it appears that the company has learned something valuable from the incident. According to Samsung, 96 percent of all Galaxy Note 7 units were returned to the company, meaning that there are still Note 7 out there.

Samsung is expected to prevent such mistakes from happening in future devices, in particular its upcoming Galaxy S8, which will likely be introduced at this year’s MWC expo in Barcelona. The Galaxy S8 has been rumored to come with a 4K screen, a Snapdragon 830 processor, a much improved camera and 6GB of RAM.

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