Samsung reveals a few facts about its round Gear smartwatch

Samsung reveals a few facts about its round Gear smartwatch

Samsung has not run away from its new Gear watch having a round screen. If you weren’t aware, it confirmed the announcement on the day the Apple Watch launched. Now, however, it seems that we are getting a better sense of what it can truly offer.

The company released development tools for its new Gear watches to a small pool of early adopters today, and with it came a few details about the so-called “Project Orbis” (or Gear A, if you prefer) watch.

A rotating bezel for selecting apps and options? That’s a thing. And kind of a thing we wish Apple would have went with.


There are two different round Gear models, one has built-in 3G for data usage and calls, and another that has to stay tethered to a smartphone. So what’s new here? Well, both the chassis and the crown (a.k.a. the nub button on the side) will be hewn of metal, and the circular screen should be 1.65 inches across. For those of you keeping score, that’s about the largest round smartwatch screen you’ll find out there.

The more we hear about Samsung’s new Gear, the more we think it is suited and booted to take on the apple watch and perhaps appeal to a completely new audience while doing so.


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